Feminism and new economic systems

The global economic debt crisis continues to impact societies around the globe. Neoliberal ideas of free trade, open markets, privatization, deregulation and laisser-faire are at the foundation of current problems. Current austerity measures, such as cuts in public services and benefits, undermine women’s social, economic and legal rights, exacerbate existing discriminatory practices, and impede prospects of sustainable and fair development.

Critical Feminist macro economic theories offer new ways of thinking, comprehensive problem analyses, and innovative solutions on how to reorganize societies and economies in a sustainable, just and democratic way. New and alternative economic systems based on a Feminist analysis, with women as core actors in the financial decision-making processes can offer solutions to current global economic problems.

The Institute for Feminism & Human Rights works to promote women’s economic decision-making power, rights and independence in order for women to gain autonomy and control over the economy and resources, while critically analyzing the impact of dominant economic theories and systems. IF&HR works towards equal access to information, markets, resources, trade and technology to strengthen women’s economic capacity, networks and involvement globally and locally.