Gunilla Ekberg – Chairperson

Gunilla S. Ekberg is a Swedish-Canadian Feminist, and international expert on human rights, gender equality, and trafficking in human beings.  Ms. Ekberg is regularly invited to act as a legal expert to international and regional bodies, to give advice to governments and to testify to parliamentary commissions. She is a teacher, researcher and author, who has published extensively. Ms. Ekberg held the position as Special Advisor on trafficking in human beings to the Swedish Government for six years, where she was responsible for developing government legal and public policies on prostitution and trafficking in human beings. For many years, she was a social worker working with survivors of all forms of violence against women and girls in several countries. Ms. Ekberg collaborates with women’s equality-seeking organizations around the world on different issues concerning women’s human rights.

Karin Werkman – Secretary

Karin Werkman is a Dutch Feminist and researcher. She has experience on a number of topics including the effects of environmental degradation and climate change on women and girls globally. Over the past years, Ms. Werkman has focused her research attention on laws and policies regarding prostitution and trafficking in women, in particular in her country of origin, the Netherlands. Ms. Werkman regularly assists non-governmental organizations in EU countries with research on different current topics. She has experience in policy making, and as an appreciated speaker at different regional and national institutions.

Anna Edman Bastos – Treasurer

Anna Edman Bastos is an equality and human rights professional, who works internationally. For several years, she was a Regional Advisor at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and prior to that appointment, she worked as a Policy and Programme Advisor at the Commission for Racial Equality in the United Kingdom. Ms. Edman Bastos was responsible for the establishment of a network of UK statutory bodies and voluntary sector organizations working to prevent and combat human trafficking in relation to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Ms. Edman Bastos also has experience of anti-human trafficking work in the Arabic Gulf countries.

Katinka Ström – Board Member

Katinka Ström is a Feminist, whose area of interest is to strengthen the sexual and reproductive rights of and services to women and girls globally. Ms. Ström is one of the founding members of the first crisis line for girls and young women in Sweden, which was started in 1996. For a number of years, she was active at The Women’s Centre (Kvinnohuset) in Stockholm, Sweden. Between 1989 and 1992, Ms. Ström was a contributor and a member of the collective, which published the Feminist magazine ACCA.